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Donate the change from your credit and debit card purchases to help a nonprofit change the world. Pick from 1.5M organizations.
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Why Monthly Giving Matters

Monthly giving from people like you is the most sustainable source of nonprofit funding in the world. It allows organizations to spend less time fundraising, think longer-term, and make a bigger impact.

How does it work?


Select Your Nonprofit Select the nonprofit that you want your change to be donated to. If the nonprofit you are looking for is not listed, please send us a suggestion via the button below.

Link Your Banks and Cards Securely link your bank account, debit, and or credit cards through the app. This allows the app to donate the change from your transactions.
We value your information and will never distribute your data. We use Stripe to manage all card transactions.

Make An Impact RoundUp App will tally the total change of your transactions at the end of the month and send a deposit directly to the selected nonprofit. Make an impact with little effort.
Easy Setup Getting started takes 30 seconds, and the impact lasts a lifetime.
Credit & Debit Cards We integrate with over 9,000 financial institutions. Link as many cards as you like.
Trusted & Secure We use the same payment processor as companies like Facebook, Amazon and Lyft.
Optional Monthly Cap On a tight budget? Cap the max you’ll donate in a given month.
Tax Deductible Like any donation, giving your change is tax deductible.
iOS, Android, Web Get the RoundUp App for any device, at home or on the go.

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