Donors Install The Round Up App
The RoundUp App is available in the App Store free of charge and downloads in seconds.
Link to Credit & Debit Cards
Your donors are prompted to seamlessly link the app to their credit or debit cards, allowing purchases to be RoundedUp.
Round Ups are Donated Monthly
Each donor's Round Ups are tabulated throughout the month and then sent to your organization at month end.
A New Stream of Donations

Expand your Incremental, Monthly Donations, Especially from Millennials

Average Donor Contributes $30/Month
Support adds up quickly. Each new donor gives an average of $30+/month to your organization.
Set and Forget Fundraising
Once donors create an account in the app, they don't need to do anything to continue contributing to your organization each month.
Donor Analytics Provided
You can access reports and trend summaries on your population of donors at any time.
Get Started With the RoundUp App

Take the Next Step to Growing Donations for Your Organization

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t see your question answered here email us at, and we will respond within 1 business day.

No! We currently have a waiting list for new nonprofit organizations wishing to use the RoundUp App to collect donations from their supporters. Once your nonprofit reaches the end of the waiting list, we will configure the app with your branding and perform the setup for you free of charge.

The RoundUp App is completely free for you to use until it starts generating donations for your organization. Once funds are flowing to you, our pricing and level of support is tiered based on the total amount of monthly donations you are receiving. Billing is monthly. Your cost will always be less than 10% of the funds raised and is often significantly less.

We will be in touch after you join the wait list to provide updated information and an estimate of when you can expect to get access to the app. Each organization’s wait time will be based on demonstrated interest. The more interested you are, the faster you’ll get the app!

Yes! We work closely with each nonprofit partner to help them get as many donors as possible signed up and using the RoundUp App to contribute to your organization. After setting up a new organization, we typically have a strategy session with the development, donor relations, and marketing teams to share best practices and put a strategy in place.