Reaching Millennials: How Nonprofits Can Stand Out Amidst the Noise

Everyone markets like a nonprofit nowadays. Ads for beverages, shoes, and cosmetics alike come touting high minded ideals of social progress. While companies of all sorts have starting implementing this tactic, they all share a target demographic: millennials. Painting with a broad brush, millennials are idealists. Having grown up in an era of rapid and … Continued

Guilt Appeals in Nonprofit Marketing: How to Do It Right

They called it “The Ad.” You know the one. This famously sad ASPCA commercial, which set shots of abused animals to the tune of Sarah McLachlan crooning “in the arms of the angel, fly away,” is still a nonprofit marketing legend over a decade since it aired. Not even the coldest of hearts could be … Continued

How to Make Donor Appeals in the Age of Spam

If you market for a nonprofit, you know that even once you’ve successfully acquired a new donor, your job is usually far from done. One-off donations are helpful, no doubt, but developing a base of repeat donors is crucial to the stability and growth of any charitable cause. This is easier said than done. With … Continued

Stories Over Statistics: How to Prevent Compassion Fade in Donors

One in 6 people in America are hungry. Two-thirds of people in India live in poverty. Half of the world’s population is at risk of contracting malaria. Feeling exhausted yet? Throwing out shocking statistics such as these is a staple for many nonprofits seeking donations. It’s an understandable marketing strategy — one of the greatest … Continued

Study Finds Credit Card-Related Concepts Increase Generosity

If reaching your fundraising goals is feeling next to impossible, you’re not alone. Choosing the right platforms and tactics to reach out to the right donors is no simple task. A 2012 study by Chatterjee et al., “Why Money Meanings Matter in Decisions to Donate Time and Money,” found that fundraising is even more of … Continued

Case Study: Komera

We can’t all be philanthropists, but we all have something to contribute. Komera, a nonprofit that helps girls in Rwanda pursue secondary education, won our 24 Donors in 24 Hours challenge by focusing on prospective donors for whom The RoundUp App is an especially good fit. Easiness was their angle. As Komera told people about … Continued

Case Study: Spot’s Last Stop

From the beginning, they were set up for success. Spot’s Last Stop Canine Rescue (SLS), a canine rescue nonprofit in Twin Cities, Minnesota, boasts a passionate group of supporters. By signing up new and old donors alike, they won our 25 Donors in 25 Days challenge and set themselves up to receive thousands of dollars … Continued