Case Study: Wags and Walks

Giving Tuesday has its tradeoffs. While the day encourages donors to give by providing them a time-sensitive window in which they can participate, the channels can become a little congested. Because so many nonprofits use the day to call for larger donations, it can be hard for individual nonprofits, especially smaller ones, to stand out. … Continued

Case Study: RPC Adds $1000s in Annual Predictable Donations in 25 Days

Beginning in July, we challenged our partner nonprofits to acquire 25 donors in 25 days. Though they changed their approach along the way, Restoration Place Counseling (RPC) completed the challenge successfully—and emerged with some best practices for donor acquisition… plus a new stream of donations that will yield thousands of dollars each year. RPC provides private mental health … Continued

Anera Revises Ad Campaigns with Impressive Results

Over the last couple of months, Anera has given its ad campaign a makeover. Christina Schnoor has worked as Director of Digital Fundraising at Anera in Washington D.C. for almost a year, and her leadership has already left a significant mark. Anera has been active for 50 years, empowering refugees and others caught in conflicts … Continued

iMission Institute Talks Nonprofit Advocacy and Donor Acquisition

When it comes to digital fundraising for a nonprofit, iMission Institute doesn’t merely count its success in dollars. Their specialty is nonprofit fundraising, advocacy, and marketing, especially on the digital front. iMission recently completed a few months’ work with an environmental group that focused on the hazards of fracking, which is a controversial method of … Continued