Be Kind Project and Active Funding During a Pandemic

Active funding is not an easy process. During a Pandemic, active funding can be even harder! Be Kind Project has come up with a way to counter the restrictions placed on their traditional fundraising plans. 

RoundUp App has offered a new grant. During September if Be Kind Project can add 50 new members to their cause RoundUp App will give them a $1000 grant known as the Challenge Grant. 

That’s an easy goal to reach!

The Be Kind Project is working diligently to reach its goal to receive the grant. 

Hello fellow Be Kind-ers! 👋🏼 status update 🚨 We haven’t quite hit our goal of signing up 50 new people to the RoundUp…

Posted by Bekind_org on Saturday, September 12, 2020

Social Media is one of the fastest ways to spread the news about the Project and its participation in the Challenge. 

The best way to get new donors is to always make sure to add the custom brand link provided by RoundUp App which will direct donors directly to the nonprofit’s page. Be Kind Project took this a step further by listing steps for their donors:

If you find it in your heart to support us in achieving this grant, here’s how It works:

  • Please click on the following link for Be Kind Project:
  • Create an account (download the app if you prefer that route too)
  • Enter the information needed (30 seconds)
  • The extra change from each transaction you make will be “rounded-up” and donated every month to Be Kind Project.
  • **Under “donation settings” you can select your preferred minimum and maximum donation amount. (i.e. Minimum would be what you want sent to Be Kind Project each month no matter what your spend tally is. Maximum would be the max amount deducted per month. Period.)
  • Pat yourself on the back because you’re a Kind Human Being!

Stories, a way for Be Kind Project to share pictures or short videos on their social media for 24 hours, allow Be Kind Project to engage with their followers and attract new followers. Their followers can reshare, tag, and use hashtags to spread the message.

If you would like to learn more about Social Media Marketing for your RoundUp App account please contact

Be Kind Project is a ( which is a 501 (c)(3) charity organization with the mission to relentlessly deliver life-changing acts of kindness to those in need. The charity raises money to fund acts of kindness in our community with a focus on animals, children, and those afflicted by illness. Our first (and current) project is working in partnership with Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center to fund a Be Kind Project: Breast Cancer Patient Assistance Fund to financially support patients fighting breast cancer with treatments and supportive care expenses not covered by insurance.