Top Tips for Year-End Fundraising

There’s no denying that year-end giving plays a huge part in any nonprofit’s online fundraising strategy. According to the Blackbaud Institute’s 2019 Charitable Giving Report, almost 20% of all 2019 online giving happened during the month of December. But coming up with an effective and achievable fundraising strategy can be challenging – especially for nonprofits … Continued

Introducing: RoundUp at Checkout

We’re excited to announce the launch of RoundUp at Checkout! Now, stores that use BigCommerce can add RoundUp App to their checkout process. This allows customers to round up their transactions to the nearest dollar and donate the change to a nonprofit. For example, a $15.50 total becomes $16 and $0.50 is donated to the … Continued

Be Kind Project and Active Funding During a Pandemic

Active funding is not an easy process. During a Pandemic, active funding can be even harder! Be Kind Project has come up with a way to counter the restrictions placed on their traditional fundraising plans.  RoundUp App has offered a new grant. During September if Be Kind Project can add 50 new members to their … Continued

100+ Donor Strategy for Social Media

Social media has exploded over the past decade as a way for businesses to market their products or services to their audience. Nonprofits also utilize this platform to gain new donors. There are many ways to market on social media. Here is a step by step guide to one successful approach to marketing on social … Continued

RoundUp App Acquired

Austin, TX (March 4, 2020) — Flourish Change Inc. (Flourish) announced today that it has completed the acquisition of RoundUp App, bringing together the two dominant players in the growing “electronic round up” category. Both companies have focused on the nonprofit sector, helping 501c3s raise funds by enabling supporters to donate their “electronic change” from … Continued

How to Make Donor Appeals in the Age of Spam

If you market for a nonprofit, you know that even once you’ve successfully acquired a new donor, your job is usually far from done. One-off donations are helpful, no doubt, but developing a base of repeat donors is crucial to the stability and growth of any charitable cause. This is easier said than done. With … Continued

female placing spare change into another person's hand

Cultivate RoundUp Donors in 3 Simple Steps

So you’ve decided that the RoundUp App is an ideal solution for your fundraising efforts. Your next question might be, “Okay, now how do I get donors to sign up for this?” We know this is probably an entirely new type of fundraising for you and maybe even an unfamiliar technology for your donors; so … Continued

Case Study: Komera

We can’t all be philanthropists, but we all have something to contribute. Komera, a nonprofit that helps girls in Rwanda pursue secondary education, won our 24 Donors in 24 Hours challenge by focusing on prospective donors for whom The RoundUp App is an especially good fit. Easiness was their angle. As Komera told people about … Continued

Case Study: Spot’s Last Stop

From the beginning, they were set up for success. Spot’s Last Stop Canine Rescue (SLS), a canine rescue nonprofit in Twin Cities, Minnesota, boasts a passionate group of supporters. By signing up new and old donors alike, they won our 25 Donors in 25 Days challenge and set themselves up to receive thousands of dollars … Continued

Case Study: Services of Hope / Transformance

We were thrilled to see some awesome nonprofits succeed at our 25 Donors in 25 Days challenge in July, so we decided to turn the intensity up a notch. On #GivingTuesday, an international day of charitable giving following Thanksgiving, we challenged our partner nonprofits to acquire 24 Donors in 24 Hours through The RoundUp App. … Continued

Case Study: Wags and Walks

Giving Tuesday has its tradeoffs. While the day encourages donors to give by providing them a time-sensitive window in which they can participate, the channels can become a little congested. Because so many nonprofits use the day to call for larger donations, it can be hard for individual nonprofits, especially smaller ones, to stand out. … Continued

Case Study: RPC Adds $1000s in Annual Predictable Donations in 25 Days

Beginning in July, we challenged our partner nonprofits to acquire 25 donors in 25 days. Though they changed their approach along the way, Restoration Place Counseling (RPC) completed the challenge successfully—and emerged with some best practices for donor acquisition… plus a new stream of donations that will yield thousands of dollars each year. RPC provides private mental health … Continued

Anera Revises Ad Campaigns with Impressive Results

Over the last couple of months, Anera has given its ad campaign a makeover. Christina Schnoor has worked as Director of Digital Fundraising at Anera in Washington D.C. for almost a year, and her leadership has already left a significant mark. Anera has been active for 50 years, empowering refugees and others caught in conflicts … Continued

iMission Institute Talks Nonprofit Advocacy and Donor Acquisition

When it comes to digital fundraising for a nonprofit, iMission Institute doesn’t merely count its success in dollars. Their specialty is nonprofit fundraising, advocacy, and marketing, especially on the digital front. iMission recently completed a few months’ work with an environmental group that focused on the hazards of fracking, which is a controversial method of … Continued

5 Easy Ways to Gain RoundUp Donors

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for joining RoundUp! We’re so glad to be a part of what’s happening at your organization and can’t wait for you to start making the most of what we have to offer. To get things rolling, we wanted to write a little post to let you in on some quick … Continued

Passion Led Us Here

The RoundUp App is an effortless way to donate your change monthly to support a nonprofit mission you care about. We make it easy to give your change and make an impact. At RoundUp, we are committed to helping nonprofits across the country succeed and thrive through connecting them with this recurring source of funding. … Continued