Cultivate RoundUp Donors in 3 Simple Steps

So you’ve decided that the RoundUp App is an ideal solution for your fundraising efforts. Your next question might be, “Okay, now how do I get donors to sign up for this?” We know this is probably an entirely new type of fundraising for you and maybe even an unfamiliar technology for your donors; so we’ve created this guide that outlines 3 simple steps to cultivate RoundUp donors.

1. Create buy-in from key players.

You’ll have a difficult time convincing outside donors to give in this way without the buy-in of key players from your organization. Your leadership team, board members, and other staff need to be involved.

Having key player support will give you more authority and credibility as you begin approaching external donors. They will want to know that you trust the process and use the technology as well. Walk the walk, as they say.

So, invite and encourage your key players to be a part of the process. And make it easy for them to jump on board!

The simple, and probably obvious, first step is to talk about this new fundraising tool. Your staff and board can’t get on board if they have no idea it’s an option.

Generate excitement about the RoundUp App around your office and make it an important agenda item for your next board meeting.

several people sitting at a long table for a board meeting, looking at a woman standing at a whiteboard in the front of the room

>>Need help explaining the app? Want to train your key players on how to share the app with others? We recommend this video and this flyer as a starting point.<<

A soft, internal launch is a fantastic way to build momentum early. You should aim to have 5-10 key players sign up for the RoundUp App within your first few weeks. Once they experience the simple process, they’ll be better equipped to bring in other donors.

Which leads us to the final piece of this step – mobilize your key players! Ask them to be a part of the fundraising process with you.

Get them to actively bring in donations by texting friends a link to the app, posting about it on their own social media, or taking the idea back to their own company (in the case of a board member).

2. Determine if donors are the right fit.

One of the most important things to note about digital fundraising tools, like the RoundUp App, is that they aren’t the right option for every donor. And that’s okay. We are here to help you expand your reach, not limit it.

So how can you tell if the RoundUp App might be a good option to present a specific donor?

Well, if they are engaging with you online already – via Facebook, Instagram, etc. – they are likely to be more receptive to the idea. Individuals that display an inherent trust of online technologies can be great “low-hanging fruit” for you.

iPhone screen showing several social media app icons

Of course, that is not the definitive marker for a receptive donor, but it can help you identify some initial prospects.

The other factor to help you determine if a donor might be a good fit to give through the RoundUp App is familiarity with your organization.

If you find that you’re having to explain the very basics of your mission to an individual, they are less likely to feel immediately comfortable downloading an app, entering their credit card information, and donating to you every month.

“Warm” prospects, or those at least somewhat familiar with your organization, are the more likely candidates. Again, this is not definitive, but should give you a good place to start!

If all else fails, just ask them! Answer any questions they might have about security or how the app works, and then play it by ear.

If they aren’t receptive to the idea, don’t push. They might not be the right fit for your RoundUp App campaign, but there might be other opportunities for them to become a donor.

3. Learn what is important to your donors.

As with any other donation, donors will want to know how their spare change is helping your organization. Make it tangible and make it something they care about!

You could have a direct conversation with individual donors to learn about their passions and interests. Then, you could commit to ear-marking their donations for that purpose.

The other, admittedly less time-consuming, option is to gauge “favorite” services and projects by the way your audience interacts with you online, what folks volunteer for the most, etc.

For example, Quail Springs Permaculture realized they receive the most engagement on posts that show their “natural” building projects. So when asking their audience to sign up on the RoundUp App, Quail Springs used a photo of one of these buildings and told donors their spare change would help create more of these structures.

It boils down to this – you need to find out what your donors care about and create a specific project for them to stand behind. This will help them feel the most connected to your mission and more likely to choose to donate their spare change.

The great thing is, you can now list individual “designations” for your donors to choose from. Just email us a list of the different projects or campaigns you’d like to feature and we’ll set you up!

home screen of RoundUp App showing new designation feature
Once donors download the latest version of the app, they will see this new section on the home screen. It shows their current designation and allows them to change it.

Congrats! You are now well on your way to generating crucial streams of recurring donations through the RoundUp App.