5 Easy Ways to Gain RoundUp Donors

Hey everyone!

Thanks so much for joining RoundUp! We’re so glad to be a part of what’s happening at your organization and can’t wait for you to start making the most of what we have to offer.

To get things rolling, we wanted to write a little post to let you in on some quick tips and strategies to help you get those first five crucial app users. Users equal donations, and we know everyone likes donations! So, how do you do it? Good question – that’s why we’re here to help 🙂

“It’s Who You Know”

So first we want you to start with thinking of those closest to your organization – this could be staff, family members, or close friends. Once you’ve determined who that might be, have a quick conversation to let them know you’ve partnered with a new and easy to use donation platform. You can use this link to access our one page printable flyer that gives a summary of how RoundUp App works.

“It Takes A Village”

Another quick way to start building those app users is to focus on your community and other local agencies. Think of other organizations in your area that partner or support your mission such as churches, local government departments, businesses, etc. Send them a brief personalized email to let them know about your participation with the RoundUp App, and ask them to spread the word! This link provides a sample email template you can use – easy as that. You could even have an intern do it!

“Share It Like You Mean It”

While we’ve talked about inner circles and community, we also can’t forget to mention those who are a part of your online community – social media followers. This tip is crucial to gaining those first five app users. Look at your organization’s social media account pages and notice the amount of followers – bingo! Write a quick post to let your followers know they can now donate to your organization effortlessly through the RoundUp App.

You can include this video at the bottom of your post or click here to access our pre-made copy and paste social media posts!

“Just Google It”

So now that we’ve talked about reaching out to your personal connections, what about those people you don’t know? That’s where we bring in your website and online presence.

For this step, we want you to think about your online audience – tens of thousands of people who are out there on Google looking for someone like you! Your website is often the first place an individual will land when looking for more information on your organization. Let them know upfront that you have an easy an accessible way to receive donations by having a RoundUp App badge placed at the top of your website. Use this link to access instructions for adding the badge to your website.

“Walk The Walk”

Our last piece of advice is all about those in person connections. We’ve covered most of the administrative ideas, so now it’s time to get out there. Come up with a list in your head of your top two annual events – this could be walks, galas, auctions, etc. As the event gets closer, ask a volunteer ahead of time to engage with event guests and show them how to download the app.

Volunteers can use this link to learn more about the RoundUp App and this link to access a handout which they can give to donors during the event.

So there you have it, our top five strategies for gaining traction with the RoundUp App and finding your first five users. Remember – users equal donations, so go for it! We believe in you 🙂

Good luck, and as always, reach out to us if we can help in any other way.

We’re here for you!

Until next time,