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300+ nonprofits joined the waiting list to use the app for their fundraising. We are working as quickly as possible to roll the app out to each organization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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No! We currently have a waiting list for new nonprofit organizations wishing to use the RoundUp App to collect donations from their supporters. Once your nonprofit reaches the end of the waiting list, we will perform the setup for free.

The RoundUp App has no platform fees until it starts generating donations for your organization of at least $100 per month (you will still pay the standard 2.9% + $0.30 credit card processing fee, which goes to the payment processor). After this threshold we have tiered pricing based on your donation volume each month to make the app cost-effective for both small and large organizations.

The Round Up App works with leading companies behind the scenes to keep data secure.

  • Transactions are processed by Stripe, the same payment processor used by Facebook, Amazon, Habitat for Humanity, NPR, and hundreds of other major organizations.
  • The connection between the app and credit or debit card accounts provides a read only history of transactions; it does not allow the app to change the account or move funds. This link is established using Plaid’s API, which is the same technology used by apps like Venmo.
  • No credit card or bank credentials are ever stored on the app or on our servers, they are provided directly to Stripe and Plaid. This way, even if the Round Up App service was compromised, there would be no credentials or credit card numbers to steal since we do not have access to that data.

The donation takes the form of a credit card transaction and goes directly from the user to your nonprofit organization.

We use Stripe as our payment processor. During setup, a Stripe receiving account is created for each organization that donations will flow into at the end of each month. The organization can then transfer the funds to their bank account as desired.

As a result, the donation comes directly from the donor and they may receive tax credit for it.

At the end of each month, we provide your organization with a report detailing the name, email address, and amount given by each donor that month. You can use this information to send thank you messages or tax deduction receipts.

The app keeps track of each user’s transactions and the amount to round up. At the end of the month, the app sums all of these round ups and makes a donation for the total amount directly from the user to your nonprofit.

Yes! We have a library of free marketing templates that you are welcome to use or draw on for inspiration. We will provide you links to this repository after your account is set up.