Goats of Anarchy Dramatically Expands Donations in One Week

When a nonprofit organization joins the RoundUp App, they can begin receiving funds monthly that is distinct from their standard strategy for fundraising. But Goats of Anarchy took their promotion of the RoundUp App to a different level, and in so doing, they created a bit of a financial anarchy!

A week after they signed up and got their personalized RoundUp App link, they sent a  shoutout on FaceBook and Instagram, which resulted in 137 new donors in about 5 days! This should translate into a minimum of $2,000 per month based on the average $15/month donation and could be much higher.

Here are a few of the results of their efforts:

  • They made 3 Facebook posts over the course of 5 days, resulting in 143 shares and 130 comments.
  • They made 3 Instagram posts over the course of 5 days, resulting in 27,000 likes.
  • They currently have 137 donors fully signed up and giving to them through the RoundUp App.

This nonprofit is the real deal. Goats of Anarchy has been featured on The Today Show, in People Magazine, and in Buzzfeed as well as many other news sources. They also were voted winner of the Animal Social Media category in 2018 and the People’s Voice Winner of the Animal Social Media category in the 2016 and 2017 Webby Awards.

The RoundUp App is excited to partner with Goats of Anarchy and helping in their cause to be a sanctuary for goats with special needs, teaching the world acceptance and inclusion and inspiring others to “fight like a goat”!

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