Case Study: Komera

We can’t all be philanthropists, but we all have something to contribute. Komera, a nonprofit that helps girls in Rwanda pursue secondary education, won our 24 Donors in 24 Hours challenge by focusing on prospective donors for whom The RoundUp App is an especially good fit.

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Easiness was their angle. As Komera told people about the challenge and what was at stake, they made sure to mention the simplicity of the app, which enabled donors to sign up right away. Development and Communications manager Lauren Mason explains that RoundUp was especially easy to market to people who couldn’t easily expend large amounts of time and money all at once. For some people, rounding up change is a more attractive alternative to writing a monthly check. Noting this, the Komera staff specifically targeted younger prospective donors while reaching out to their own family, friends, and advisor board as well.

While many of our clients have found that making appeals one-on-one is particularly helpful while also marketing on other platforms, Komera took this tactic to the extreme. They gained all of their sign-ups through direct phone calls and texts. Deciding reserve social media posts for other campaigns, they trusted in the power of word-of-mouth, and it paid off.

Most sign-ups came from people who had given to Komera before, but most of them hadn’t given consistently. With each sign-up came a new commitment for regular donations. Naturally, Komera is excited to now have a new group of supporters bringing in thousands of dollars in additional donations each year plus our $1000 prize. From here, they’re even better equipped to invest in the education and development of bright young women in Rwanda.

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