Passion Led Us Here

The RoundUp App is an effortless way to donate your change monthly to support a nonprofit mission you care about. We make it easy to give your change and make an impact. At RoundUp, we are committed to helping nonprofits across the country succeed and thrive through connecting them with this recurring source of funding. We aren’t just another tech company – we are hearts and souls using technology to rally behind organizations that are making a difference in our community.
Our team has a combined 20 + years of experience in the nonprofit arena through volunteer work, professional work, and partnerships. Throughout this time, we developed a desire to further the cause of nonprofit organizations and started looking for ways that would allow them to continue providing extensive services to those in need. We were made aware of the struggles many nonprofits face and decided to find a way to raise funds that would alleviate some of those roadblocks. From this passion came the RoundUp App, and we are excited to share our vision. We are coming alongside nonprofits across the nation in an effort to make a change with your change, and we can’t do it without your help! Sign up today to start effortlessly making an impact.