RoundUp App Acquired

Austin, TX (March 4, 2020) — Flourish Change Inc. (Flourish) announced today that it has completed the acquisition of RoundUp App, bringing together the two dominant players in the growing “electronic round up” category. Both companies have focused on the nonprofit
sector, helping 501c3s raise funds by enabling supporters to donate their “electronic change” from everyday debit card, credit card, and bank account transactions.

The two companies distributed funds in 2019 to more than 500 nonprofits across all 50 states and have processed donations from thousands of individuals. The client roster includes “big brands” such as the Houston Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity programs in multiple markets,
numerous regional animal shelters, as well as small, local charities. The companies serve a wide variety of nonprofits including those focused on health and human services, education, the environment, sports and booster clubs, and houses of worship covering many faiths. According to the companies, during 2019 the average participating donor contributed
$15.75/month in “round-up electronic change.”

The innovation of electronic round up donations is completely aligned with America’s rapid transition from bills and coins in purses…to digital wallets managed via smartphones and websites. Flourish and RoundUp App were pioneers in launching the concept – where every swipe of linked debit or credit cards is ‘rounded up’ to the nearest dollar and automatically given to the donor’s chosen nonprofit. This enables everyone – regardless of age or income – to contribute a little change to their favorite charity as a part of daily behaviors in a way that’s easy, fun, and requires no effort. All that change adds up to create a big impact for worthy causes.

Fundraising professionals and volunteer leaders are increasingly attracted to Flourish’s suite of services because it is low cost, automated, and appeals to both younger and tech-savvy supporters. The platform is particularly useful for nonprofits focused on building on-going giving programs and expanding digital donor communication and engagement. Both Flourish
and RoundUp App are compatible with major nonprofit CRMs.

The combined companies will leverage the unique aspects of each company’s legacy features and benefits:

  • Flourish has a proven marketing playbook that fuels clients’ campaigns to drive consumer enrollment and participation. The firm has also built a proprietary texting suite that nonprofits use for low-cost, highly effective communication with volunteers and supporters.
  • RoundUp App owns the dominant URLs in the category including “RoundUpApp,” making it the market leader in SEO, ranking #1 in Google for 30 significant keywords. This generates a steady flow of new clients month after month.

The Houston Food Bank is a typical client. “We chose Flourish for their ability to handle the entire donor lifecycle. From the moment a volunteer signs up for a shift, they are engaged and exposed to ways to help the food-bank, including using roundup donations. Since rolling out with Flourish, our volunteers are more excited and engaged, creating a valuable recurring
donation source, ” said Amy Ragan, the organization’s Chief Development Officer. The Houston Food Bank is the nation’s largest food bank by distribution within the Feeding America network.

As part of the transition, RoundUp App Co-Founder & CEO Grant Hensel will become an advisor to Flourish. Braden Fineberg (Flourish Co-Founder and CEO) and Zach Morrow (Flourish Co-Founder and COO) will continue in their roles.

Flourish is an early stage company that has received seed investments from Rough Draft Ventures, Dorm Room Fund, and 3 family offices. A capital raise to fund expansion is being planned for Spring 2020. Both companies’ technology platforms and websites will continue to operate for the foreseeable future: and
RoundUp App is available via iOS App Store, Google Play Store, and their websites.