Case Study: Spot’s Last Stop

From the beginning, they were set up for success. Spot’s Last Stop Canine Rescue (SLS), a canine rescue nonprofit in Twin Cities, Minnesota, boasts a passionate group of supporters. By signing up new and old donors alike, they won our 25 Donors in 25 Days challenge and set themselves up to receive thousands of dollars in additional donations each year, plus our $1000 prize.

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SLS knew that their loyal supporters were a good place to start. Their newsletter, only a few months old, keeps their audience very engaged at a 46% open rate. After detailing our challenge in the newsletter, they created a post on Facebook introducing the app and explaining the basics. A second post delved deeper, telling followers the story of how their donations would help increase the veterinary budget to provide the animals with the care they need.

With these posts bringing in some sign-ups, they then took a route that many of our clients found especially helpful — a face-to-face appeal. At their end of year holiday bash, SLS staff spoke with visitors about the challenge, answered questions directly, and pulled up the app on their phones to show people how to navigate it. Though SLS did utilize the text feature, they reserved this method mostly for people who had given before, though inconsistently, most of whom were between the ages of 28 and 35.

Though some sign-ups were previous donors, the challenge proved to be an effective tool for promoting new donor acquisition as well  — about half of sign-ups on the app came from people who had never given to SLS before. The convenience-factor proved to be the most convincing element of making an appeal. Asking for spare change via a one-time sign-up was an easy sell with young and old donors alike.

Alongside a new stream of donations, SLS is moving forward from their win with an impetus to make more intentional efforts reaching out to donors and maintaining an active social media presence. The challenge proved it  — it works.

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