RoundUp Terminal:
Sign Up With a Swipe

The RoundUp App Terminal allows individuals to sign up for the RoundUp App just by swiping their card.
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How it Works

Pre-Load Attendees Email us a spreadsheet with your event attendees. We pre-load these into the provided iPad that accompanies the Terminal.
Add Donors on the Spot If a guest wants to sign up at your event simply select them from the pre-loaded list or add them in a few clicks if they are a walk-in.
Just Swipe! Guests can change their min/max from the defaults and simply swipe their card. They will receive an email to set their password.

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Rent a Terminal
for Your Next Event

Everything you need: the credit card terminal, an iPad with the Terminal software, guest list pre-loading done for you, and phone training. The cost for this rental package is $100/day, which includes shipping & return postage. This will pay for itself, on average, if you sign up one donor per day!