Case Study: Wags and Walks

Giving Tuesday has its tradeoffs. While the day encourages donors to give by providing them a time-sensitive window in which they can participate, the channels can become a little congested. Because so many nonprofits use the day to call for larger donations, it can be hard for individual nonprofits, especially smaller ones, to stand out. That’s why Wags & Walks, a Los Angeles organization that rescues dogs from being euthanized in shelters and finds them loving homes, turned to The RoundUp App’s 24 Donors in 24 Hours challenge.

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Development and Volunteer Coordinator Chloe Esperiquette explained that, because so many nonprofits were asking for “big gives,” Wags & Walks decided to focus on RoundUp as a way to stand out. Emphasizing how simple and easy it is to participate, Wags & Walks asked for pocket change while other nonprofits were soliciting donors for big sacrifices. While the day-to-day expense of signing up is small for the donor, the long-term impact is significant for the organization and the dogs they rescue. It adds up, they reasoned, like buying your daily cup of coffee.

Unsurprisingly, Wags & Walks found that the most helpful strategies for acquiring donors involved direct communication. While posting on Instagram was less successful, reaching out via texts, phone calls, and Facebook messages reaped the best results. They told donors about the tight deadline to communicate a sense of urgency and mentioned that an important bonus of $1000 was at stake. According to Chloe, reaching out on multiple different platforms was key. Seeing reminders in different places helped encourage people to sign up before the challenge period was over. By the end of the day, Wags & Walks had exceeded the minimum 24 donors and had won the challenge!

We’re so happy that Wags & Walks saw such a great start to the year. With the bonus and some new supporters under their belt, we know they’re ready to help even more dogs in 2019.

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